The rear fender is under way..
Really wide fenders are sooo expensive, and would still need widening a smidgen. So I purchased a stainless steel wheel retaining ring.(You know those tyre covers on the rear of 4wd cars?!)
Its 8″ wide, and has been cut in half, which gives me a fender that fits perfectly between the rear rails and will have a nice bevelled centre line detail.
It will need trimming down a bit to get the right fit & look.
Cost? £26 inc shipping.
Bargain!!!!!Rear fender

Wide Rear fender


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I’ve managed to laser cut the ass catcher(sissy bar) from some steel plate. (Didn’t want it, but its racing regs)

Just finished the cushion pad which bolts in from the rear.

Gotta send Bryony off to the recycling centre to get some automotive foam and scrap leather to trim it up..

Just sourced the stuff for the rear fender design…. Should be ready to start modifications next week. I’m gonna be using an off-roader wheel cover to make a custom stainless rear fender
Sissy bar


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Yesterday whilst cleaning the motor etc, I discovered the throttle shaft on one of the keihin carbs was seized..

They needed a good clean too, so they’ve been in a kerosene/diesel mix soak for the last 24hrs. The bodies have brightened up a bit, and the stuck throttle shaft was loosened with little effort. Sliders are all working as they should, although it was noted that the ‘Whoosh’ of air from one of the outer carb sliders was a bit iffy, so maybe a new diaphragm is needed.

All given a liberal blasting with a couple of aerosols of carb/choke cleaner. The throttle shaft and linkage have had a squirt of ptfe lube to keep them freed, then wrapped in clingfilm to keep the dust out while awaiting fitting.

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This weeks agenda…..

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I have dropped off a few things for powder coating this week, and taken a bracket I needed modifying to the local machine shop for milling.
I’ve also managed to source the correct orange metal flake for the frames top coat.
Black with orange flake overlay.
It’s booked in for coating in 3wks.
There were a few old brackets that were used in the zephyrs original guise, which are now surplus to requirements, so have been cut off and are pending linishing.
The frame has been stripped down.engine out, and I’m currently cleaning all of the road goop & grime off it.
I’m not looking to get a ‘show’ or ‘as new’ finish..
Just a clean block that can be given a coat or two of Hycote adhesion aid, then a few light coats of clear engine lacquer to protect it.. No detailing, not fancy, just a lot easier to spot any leaks.
Besides, I LOATHE polishing aluminium.😈
I’m looking for a replacement oil cooler as this one needs serious attention, and a re-core is ££.

During Engine cleaning zr550

The jackshaft tray brackets are now in place, with the cobweb support plate bolted in.

I’m in the midst of triangulating the other side of the frame. Only 2 pieces of 3/4″ CDS left to go on. But the current thunderstorm stops play.
Zr550 skinny trike  jackshaft mount tray

the latest state of play…

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ok, so its been a long while since I updated anything here, with a full run down on progress.

The zr550 project is now rolling on a pair of Avon Stryker 120-80-16 tyres. The sprocket setup is in place.

The rear brake torque arm bracket is now on the frame and the frame is currently being triangulated to minimise the likelihood of any frame twist under brake loading.

The foot controls are mounted.

The rear brake cylinder is ready to mount, but I’m currently awaiting arrival of some steel to make the brackets. Which should be here Monday. A few drill holes in it, then ready to mig on.

The jackshaft mount shelf is ready to go, but again is held up whilst waiting for the steel to arrive.

Just scored a Heidenau 110-90-16 for the front.

12v CB12A-A battery sitting on the shelf ready to go in.

The block was filled with kerosene & diesel mix to dissolve any sludge deposits, drained and now awaiting some oil.

Steel should arrive this week, meaning I can finish the triangulation & fit bottom tray.

I’ve gotta get the brake caliper arm modified or laser cut a new slightly narrower version to get wheel track alignment right, but that’s pretty easily sorted.

I now have all items for the jackshaft and will be going to the machinist Monday after next, to get it started.

The z bars have been swapped out for a set of 1″ drag bars, to help throw more weight forward.

levers are cheapo Chinese Harley copies, they work fine n are 1/4 the price.

I have also had a set of custom brake lines made for front & rear.

The wiring loom is all chopped back to minimum requirements, heatshrinked and ready to go.

I think I will have to shorten the exhaust pipes as they will foul the foot controls, nothing the grinder won’t fix…chop off 8″ & have short drag pipes.
Zr550 skinny trike
Zr550 el gato borracho

As a beard owner for many years, this made me laugh sooo hard.
Bravo Nicki. 👍

The Nicki Daniels Interview

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Had a busy day sorting out my workshop yesterday.
Also managed to get my ass in gear and do some brainstorming re: the zeph rear wheel mods, and how I’m going to get around the loss of one of the trikes custom lower control arms.
The zeph wheels will be getting blasted this week so I can check for cracks. The 4mm aircraft grade aluminium sheet I need for the wheel mod is on order, and I’m hoping to get the wheels machined ready for banding later this coming week, poss early next week (work commitments depending)

I’ve fished out my remaining supplies of 1.25 inch (3mm wall) CDS tube and have asked one of my buddies who’s a fabricator to make two tubular lower control arms for the Harley trike, to replace the heavy ass cast steel OEM jag units.
It’s a ball ache having to redo the LCA’s after losing one of them, but the tubular pieces will be a nice custom touch, and reduce the weight of the rear end quite considerably.
The cast steel items are something like 20+kg a piece, whereas the tubular ones will come in at around 5-6kg.
Here’s a rough idea of the LCAs

I’m sure you get the plan.

Parts have been sourced to repair my mig, but lack of available ‘spendies’ will stop me buying the necessary bits for a week or so.

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Have You ever been in a situ where a long standing buddy screws you? Well I’m there, mid project
& a douche loses a critical piece of my the build. Namely a custom lower control arm that’s the “bit”…oh no buddy, it’s fine you’ve lost it..It’s only frickin’ critical to the build!!!! I had em custom made & the ass hat has thrown one for junk with the scrap.
Anyhoo I now gotta sort a new arm or make both lowers from zip.
Wtf indeed!!!!👎👎👎 cheers.
13+yrs man, down the drain due to your retarded hissy fits. I’m done. End of.

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Trials & tribulations

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So, before everyone thinks I’ve jumped ship and abandoned hope/projects etc
I thought I’d give you all an update as to why everything has stagnated.

We’re STILL trying to buy another house, 4 down, hopefully one will be purchased v soon.
Projects on hold purely due to the fact I’m now at a point in the build where I need space, cover and most importantly a flat surface to work off. Lol.

I haven’t been sitting idly watching time pass me by, I’ve been helping chopper to rebuild a lotus 11.
All bodywork in aluminium, new chassis built as per 1956 lotus diagram, suspension arms Etc all new and built to same lotus spec.

Here’s a few pics.











I have arranged to get the Harley trike down to choppers workshop so atleast I can start making some headway on that.
I only need to fabricate the rear axle mount and suspension hangers and it’ll be rolling.
Chopper is going to be fabricating a custom tank in aluminum, and poss some sculpted side fairing panels for the diff/prop area to conceal it.
I have all the parts to finish, except a few electronic bits for the xj1100 motor, as I explained in a previous post, the electronic gizmos for these engines cost roughly 17million pounds each, give or take a few million.
But luckily I have most of the important stuff.